PGF Softball Camps

PGF Softball Camps

Currently there are no upcoming events. Check back soon!

The "Accepted" Player Lists are posted and updated regularly, click on the "CAMPS" menu tab above to access each individual camp's event page and the Accepted Player List for that event.
Player is eligible to participate in camp, even if her team is not entered in tournament.

CAMP PARTICIPATION IN RELATION TO THE NEW NCAA RECRUITING RULE:  The new recruiting rules have no impact on camp participation, communication between players and college coaches during the camp.  The players 2019 through 2023 still are on the field and can work directly with the college coaches. (Coaches may not discuss specific recruitment with certain players is the only impact of the new rule). 

Coaches can still evaluate, receive future emails with game times, go to games and put the younger players on "Their Radar" Our camps at PGF allow players a great opportunity to stay within the rules and develop direct relationships with the coaches on the field during the camp.

WHAT COACHES ARE SAYING ABOUT PGF ELITE CAMPS: "I make a point to participate in PGF camps as they are very organized, have a great player to coach ratio, allow me to develop that face to face relationship and it gives me a great opportunity to evaluate players of all ages in attendance so I can continue to follow their progress...parents have told me after the camps that they were impressed with their daughters opportunity at the camp, PGF camps allow me to stay within NCAA compliance and still work directly with players at the younger age"  -  Current PAC 12 Coach

"I make my schedule around PGF camps, it allows me to work directly with players on the field, evaluate, establish a relationship and then attend their games that same weekend, PGF Camps are as well run as any camps I have attended"  - Current Big 10 Coach


PGF Softball Camps Featuring

Arizona State
Iowa State
North Carolina
Utah State
San Jose State
Boise State
Fresno State
San Diego State
New Mexico State
North Dakota State
Loyola Marymount
University of the Pacific
UC Davis
Cal State Fullerton
UC Santa Barbara
UC San Diego
Sacramento State
Stanislaus State
Long Beach State
Academy of Arts
Cal Poly
Christian Brothers - Memphis
Santa Clara
Cal State Bakersfield

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