PGF Softball Camps

About Us

At PGF, the history of our camps have proven to give players the opportunity to showcase their talents directly in front of the top college coaches from across the country.  This opportunity exists as the players are on the field with college coaches who are running the camps with evaluation in mind.

Players are placed in camps with 4 college coaches from 4 different programs.  Players are put through sessions that include batting (front toss and live), defensive drills, pitching, catching and all followed by live games run by the coaches.  These camps are designed for the advanced player.

Players are assigned to a field with approx. 30 players, our camps are 4 hours and at the end of the 3rd hour, the players are then put with a new group of coaches.

The evaluation process is not only limited to quality drills and live games but working with and directly communicating with the college coaches.  This is all done through NCAA Compliance rules.

PGF Softball Camps are open to any and all participants restricted only by gender, age, and number of campers.